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DiaryUnlimited.com Today entry date: 17.08.17
6439. "Something Missing"

For twitter business to work Twitter must be reachable. Twitter does NOT respond to tweets. It is rather impossible to pay anything when we end up wondering if there is anyone there.

Twitter ought to Google the problem and solve the IT problems that have plagued Twitter for many years now. We love Twitter and would like to use it more. Some agencies can somehow run accounts better than us but Twitter keeps on emailing us and almost force us to advertise so we are responding and have for many years but no one is listening. Twitter does not respond to emails: it's a No Reply policy.

I suspected that I had many fake followers sent by Twitter as an incentive to advertise and pay when suddenly they all disappear.

Very strange than I'm following thousands of people and corporations than I don't know anything about.

Daily Dose plucked from: 07.06.00
159. "The MP3 Saga (part 1)"

Edgar Bronfman Jr, chief executive of Seagram, the owner of Universal (Polygram, Polydor, Island, AM etc.) the biggest record label in the world, recently chucked in some dark threatening menace over the Internet (his daughter is a high ranking Scientologist. What about him?)

"The web will crack, crumble and collapse if the constant ripping off of our music catalogue will continue."

He's talking gobbledegook and he is responsible for a company owing money to thousands of artists who've been ripped off, myself included.

MP3 download is not a crime but a serious freedom of creativity and a thorough break on all Mighties still over-charging the price of music and not even redistribute fairly the royalties to some of their artists. Even David Bowie, Stock Market spinner and Net guru got the right approach. Offering to chuck every new album over the Internet for a limited amount of time.

Follow the debate on the Forum.Ends tomorrow (?). NP

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