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"RED by James Hogan" available soon

"RED by James Hogan" by James Hogan.

Is 21st century TV in the grip of the same level of madness as the court of King George the Third?

An in-depth essay on broadcasting in the 21st century by James Hogan, BBC TV editor and film maker, a media and City P.R. man, painter and associate of the Edinburgh University Business School.

Initially researched as part of a thesis for the London School of Economics (LSE) and published in 1996, this extraordinary piece on broadcasting has been resurrected and updated and fits exactly in the landscape of today's TV delivery of multi channels in HD.

The book is the subject of a major feature film documentary.

The subjects are hard hitting and explosive.
RED by James Hogan

Foreword by Professor Chris Carter, Edinburgh University.
Preface by Alex Altman.
Epilogue by Nick Peterson.

Featuring interviews with:
  • Roger Bolton (BBC producer and director),
  • John McVay (CEO of PACT),
  • Lord Grade (former BBC chairman of the governors and chairman designate of the BBC Trust, ex-Chief Executive of ITV and Channel 4),
  • Peter Ibbotson (BBC Panorama editor, author, TV producer),
  • Charles Denton, former Chairman of PACT and CEO of Zenith Productions,
  • David Lloyd as Senior Commissioning Editor for Channel 4.
  • Rob Woodward (STV)
  • Sir Trevor McDonald (ITV)
  • Greg Dyke (BBC, FA and BFI)
  • Peter Bazalgette (Arts Council UK)
  • Jean Seaton (BBC and Westminster University)
  • Richard Horwood
  • Chris Carter (Edinburgh University)
  • Adam Boulton (SKY News)
  • Dawn Airey (Yahoo, BBC and Getty)
  • David Montgomery (News International)
  • Nick Peterson

U.K. and U.S. release: 31st January 2016

Deluxe Edition:
ISBN-13: 978-0990857037
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)

ISBN-13: 978-0990857006
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

"The Y2K File" paperback / download

The Y2K File, a "best of" compilation from the Y2K Diary (available here at DiaryUnlimited.com by subscription), is now available for download.

The ultimate guide to survive inside the internet and beyond, The Y2K File is the story of the Y2K diary.

Launched in 1999 at the turn of the new millennium it has witnessed all the events of the Y2K years until today; from the conspiracy theories to the "who's who" and "what's what" of the players, winners and losers weaving the web.

Since its inception the diary has often been described as a compendium of gobbledygook. Indeed what cannot be found on Google, can generally be found on the ultimate encyclopaedia of gibberish, the Y2K Diary.
The Y2K File

"The After Life" paperback / download

The After Life, synopsis and presentation of the feature film project and TV show.

24 pages.
Color and B&W.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9526607-3-6.
Format: paperback and e-book.

Two candidates are assembled inside a locked room. The master of ceremony, the TV host is asking the guests to sit around a large round table. The candidates are then introduced one by one by the TV host.

Each guest must introduce the person they want to get in touch with in the "after life." The light is then switched off and the show continues in the dark. Each candidate is seen only through a 2D outline in white (sometimes in colour using 3D). The TV show host is getting in touch with the "after life" and communicates with the candidates the results and in turn the guests react accordingly.
The After Life

The light can only be switched on again when the show's episode is over.

"The Original Edge Magazine" paperback / download

The Original Edge magazine, a best of/compilation from the magazine 1987-1999 is now available for download.

The Original Edge magazine is the story of the Edge magazine, 1987-1999.
130 pages.
Color and B&W.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9822924-4-0.
Format: paperback and e-book.

The Edge was born in 1987 in Islington and in 1990 with a European Community and Islington grant as they were extremely keen in promoting the image of Islington as the "Real London". The Edge had then a circulation of 25,000 ex. The Edge used a special imported Kraft paper from France made out from 100% recycled textile with green and red ink.
The Original Edge Magazine

Whilst the magazine was not a commercial success the format changed to a normal white but recycled paper, with an A3 size folded poster format with yellow pages of small ads inside. For three years 45 000 copies were mainly exported to the U.S. and the rest of the world whilst only a handful of selling points survived in Britain. During that intervening time The Edge collected a mine full of images, photography, artwork, graphics, stories, cartoons from various writers and artists and over 300 interviews (most saved on tape). By 1995, The Edge magazine was selling but wasn't commercially viable so it was time to pull the plug. A series of periodicals came after that published by The Edge Press; it showcased short novels and Art collections. The periodicals were published until 1999.

Instead of a compendium or a 'best of' the magazine we decided to publish a series of scans, some rough some bare of the content, of some of the covers to bring an insight into how the magazine was printed and received, how it looked like and the random display of the scans demonstrates the chaos the Edge magazine was under. They were no defining rules and perhaps the only ones set out from the start have been broken after the 10th issue: we stopped using the special Kraft paper, the green and red ink and became more 'traditional'. But actually the content was anything but. "As long as it was Art it didn't matter what it was". We've only managed to hold on for as long as we did merely because we had generous sponsors and advertisers and a great and faithful American readership. Enter Tower Record(s), which was one of the first U.S. retailers to contact us and successfully distributed the magazine.

"Closer to the Sun" paperback / download

Closer to the Sun, screenplay from the feature film project is now available for download.

Screenplay to the feature film project: Closer to the Sun. A thriller.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9822924-2-6.
76 pages.
Format: paperback and eBook.

Four investigators are assembled by an insurance company in New York to examine a claim for accidental death of six oil workers on an oil platform, off the cost of Nigeria. The team has 24 hours to investigate the claim.

It slowly transpires that it wasn't accidental death but that the oil workers have been taken hostage by local terrorists, a common occurrence that often goes without victims and in this case six men had died. How to approve the claim when there are so many overwhelming evidences against it? The trouble is for a reputable international insurance company dismissing such a claim would place them at odds with the real problems in the country, place them on the spot as an unlikely human right witness and will compromise a whole system with ramifications to powerful Western governments and multinational companies. They have accidentally walked into highly dangerous grounds... Closer to the Sun

"Speed of Light" paperback / download

Speed of Light, screenplay from the feature film is now available on paperback and download.

(From the feature film)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9822924-5-7.
130 pages.
Release date: February 2012.

Two brothers land on an island and discover a huge and derelict warehouse. They discover what could happen at the speed of light. It's the tale of two stories colliding throughout an entire night. Two stories lived at the same time, but with a slightly different content.

Speed of Light

"Est: Map of the Universe" paperback / download

Est: Map of the Universe, fantasy game novel.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9526607-2-9
306 pages
Out: 24 August 2014
List Price: $26.20

London has always been known to possess one of the highest rat and mouse populations in the world.

It's really tough to survive in London especially if you start at the bottom end. No one cares if you're in the gutter; you're always all alone in this world. Most people would think that you deserve it. You are either born one way or another: rich or poor. People who are poor remain poor and people who are rich remain rich and neither the twain shall meet. Except that this popular concept is utter non-sense and defies all possible logic: we all live in the same world, all live and breathe the same air. We all live our lives to the best of our abilities and survive in what is in fact a hallucinogenic labyrinth and we keep on moving back and forth endlessly. We get out of breath, we get into trouble, and we become the ultimate enemy the germ, the microbe entering inside anyone’s body.
Est: Map of the Universe

The enemy gets inside us anyway, no matter what. We don't need to be out of breath but when we are at our lowest point we are more vulnerable. The microbes will turn anyone into someone we wish we would have never become: the beggar: the filth, the weak, the rat or the mouse crawling around on the ground.

The journey may feel like a skein of thread in a tangle. It's not unfathomable and certainly not impossible to navigate throughout; it just needs some getting used to it. Years of practice, whether it is in this parallel world on earth or in streets London or inside a body of the next victim to be.

Paul X has been caught in a circle of hell and became a virus entering someone’s body. He became a rat and lived into the far end of the gutters. Paul X lived with his fellow rats and mice in the streets of London.

Wherever he went to, Paul X left some marks in order to later in time draw a map, a map of the universe. Paul X even went on TV in a game show and tried to show and explain this map of the universe but this was a flop. People were too busy to watch the TV show for TV’s sake rather than the content.

"In and Out of Planet Earth" paperback / download

In and Out of Planet Earth, screenplay from the feature film.

Screenplay to the feature film: In and Out of Planet Earth.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9822924-7-1.
40 pages.

Paul X has killed a man or thought he did- who made his life a misery.

Unable to live with the guilt he tries to jump into the river to end his life. Inside the river, deep underwater he will live sixty minutes 'in and out of planet earth' facing his victim and delving on the best method to kill someone. Deep inside water he encounters the same life he led before but amplified tenfold.

The violence, the sex and the man he really killed.
In and Out of Planet Earth

"Virtual Alien" paperback / download

Virtual Alien, screenplay from the feature film is now available on paperback and download.

Screenplay to the feature film: Virtual Alien.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9822924-9-5.
50 pages.

An interview documentary with the artist Virtual Alien about his work and music.

Set in London, England Virtual Alien or V.A. explains why it was right to start from London but explains he would never film in London again. The documentary focuses on the life of Virtual Alien working in media for over twenty years (1987-2007) and starting in the business at the age of 14.
Virtual Alien

"With a Mouse (to your Mouth)" paperback / download

With a Mouse (to your Mouth), screenplay from the feature film.

Screenplay to the feature film With a Mouse (to your Mouth)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4664926-2-2.
38 pages.
Format: Paperback and e-book.

Two friends are spending a week, day/night crossing London inside a black cab and reading a science fiction book. In the story their imagination is so powerful that they are able to become the characters from the book and re-create new and better realities around them in 3D and in blue.

The book is the story of X. X is a little germ entering someone's mouth. X's vision is somewhat blurred. Its vision is in 'distorted 3D'. The mouth is the ultimate frontier between the inside of a creature and the rest of the universe. It is the border control. There is a long process before reaching the heart of the body. X aims to re-produce itself into the heart of the body just like a little mouse. When inside the body, X the germ can see, feel and breathe exactly what the creature's body sees, feels and breathes. It's often thrown out randomly. To be a germ is the ultimate fulfillment like multiple orgasms. A germ can dictate and control a whole body and there is very little anyone can do.
With a Mouse (to your Mouth)

"The Y2K File (The Film)" paperback / download

The Y2K File, screenplay from the feature film.

Screenplay from: The Y2K File, an Opera Murder Mystery Thriller.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9822924-8-8.
44 pages.
Format: Paperback and e-book.

"The Y2K File" is the story of Knock-Knock. He has just lost his parents and his brother in a fire that had devastated the family house. Eager to move away from his frightening past he moves inside a big house in North London, a short walk through the forest. The house used to be inhabited by a family of thirteen who mysteriously disappeared. When Knock-Knock was living in the house, a few events started to unfold; events that will terrify Knock-Knock, already traumatised by the death of his parents and his brother. Everyday he will confide a report of the events to a website, the Y2K Diary.

The story starts at the dawn of the new millennium in November 1999.
The Y2K File (The Film)

"Writing on the Wall" paperback / download

Burning from the Inside, autobiographical story based on the feature-documentary directed by Nick Peterson.

Screenplay from the feature film Writing on the Wall starring: Mark Joseph.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9822924-3-3.
62 pages.
Format: Paperback and e-book.

The film is set in London in the nineties. "A little fable about the rat and mouse population of London."

Somewhere in time two protagonists reminisce about the past. Mary-Jane D'Arbanville, exiled herself from her native New York to London. She landed in London in 1991 and lived with her new found friend Paul. The story comes out of Jane's very own diary called Map of the Universe, read in the future over a candle-lit dinner. Jane and Paul painted the diary, as the story unfolds, on the walls of London during the nineties. Whilst the story is taking place on earth, in Hell and in the Heavens above and at the same time, the two main characters are played by two different actors.
Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall is a series of graffiti on a wall.

"TT: Train of Thought" available soon

A Comedy,
ISBN-13: 978-0-9526607-4-3,
46 pages.

The whole story is set inside a train carriage. Due to an engine failure the journey is dragging on without knowing when it will end. The only information received is from the "camp" voice of the main train driver blasting away throughout the train at regular intervals. The passengers are forced to endure this, pushing them to the limits; into some deep agonizing fits and often deeply traumatic moments.
TT: Train of Thought

"Beyond the Sphere of Reasonable Doubt" available soon

Beyond the Sphere of Reasonable Doubt, by V.A. / Nick Peterson

Biography of the years 2001-2009 in three volumes:

Part 1: Diary for the years 2001-2003
ISBN-13: 978-0952660781
504 pages

Part 2: Diary for the years 2004-2006
ISBN-13: 978-0952660767
436 pages

Part 3: "Adventures Beyond the Hemisphere", years 2007-2009
ISBN-13: 978-0952660798
410 pages

Beyond the Sphere of Reasonable Doubt, will be available 31 October 2013.
Beyond the Sphere of Reasonable Doubt

"T: Ghosts in the Machine" available soon

T: Ghosts in the Machine.

Crime thriller novel.
250 pages.
Color and B&W.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9526607-7-4.
Format: paperback and e-book.
Out: 24 August 2014.
List Price: $16.66

An interactive novel, murder, mystery thriller in 3 acts revolving around the number 6 and the letter T, both being the proton and neutron of the story.

Two men from very different backgrounds meet and discover that they are both guided by invisible ghosts and they are in fact two machines forced to live a life haunted by an incurable condition.

During the inauguration of the tallest building in town, one man is holding the President of the United States at gun point and together they will disappear for 66 minutes out of the eyes of the world where they will confront the ghosts in the machine.
T: Ghosts in the Machine

"T: Ghosts in the Machine" (screenplay) available soon

T: Ghosts in the Machine (screenplay).

A screenplay.
32 pages.
Color and B&W.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9526607-5-0.
Format: paperback and e-book.

Two men from very different backgrounds meet and discover that they are both guided by invisible ghosts and they are in fact two machines compelled to live a life haunted by an incurable condition.

During the inauguration of the tallest building in town, one man is holding the President of the United States at gun point and together they will disappear for 60 minutes out of the eyes of the world where they will confront the ghosts in the machine.
T: Ghosts in the Machine (screenplay)

"Burning from the Inside" available soon

Burning from the Inside, Autobiographical story based on the feature-documentary directed by Nick Peterson.

The project started in January 1997 and by September 2006 the media world had changed their general mood by describing the situation of "gangs, local tribes and the oil companies in conflict" as "armed militants and guerrillas against the government in a war zone".

The author has been warned at the beginning of the project to stay away from "these people". He thought the tone was a bit racist so he ignored this warning and ventured into it. Racist even so the person who warned him was a Nigerian-American.

The director has interviewed someone who had taken hostage over 30 people on an oil rig and killed nearly 20, two days before he met him. The director had some extreme warnings and email exchanges with heads of big oil companies. He had some lengthy email exchanges with the main members of the media establishment in Britain and a major fall out with some of the people he interviewed.

A book describing the whole project, the making of it and its reception by the media and all the players is due to be published this year. I suppose Closer to the Sun is the final chapter and perhaps the last film the director will ever be involved with. The author cannot forget what had happened, the threats he has received for starting the project and for ending it. By 2007 he had to end and disconnect with all the parties involved even with the friends he had made. No one can understand a process of disconnection. It's the only way forward. It's called moving on. Burning from the Inside is perhaps too desperate for the human condition; it is the human condition.
Burning from the Inside

"Digital Broadcast" available soon

Digital Broadcast, an interview with Paul Gambaccini.

The book is based on the documentary-feature based around the life of American broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, with an in-depth interview seen from a screen inside a TV studio by two journalists. The film demonstrates the changes in broadcasting in 30 years to a full High Definition broadcast.

Digital Broadcast was based on a 90 minutes interview the director had with Paul Gambaccini in 1999. Initially intended for an interactive TV presentation it was first released on CD-ROM for Nick Peterson's MA in Interactive Multimedia. It was released on DVD in 2006. Based on the full length version of 90 minutes: 10% (The presenter) of the film is in black and white 50% is in single colour (Blue, cyan, yellow, green, turquoise, orange and red) 40% is in full colour and HD.
Digital Broadcast, an interview with Paul Gambaccini

Paul Gambaccini has been extremely candid in his 90 minutes interview. He has almost divulged his whole autobiography and adding to this a personal insight by the writer into the media world in Britain.

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