What's This All About? 24th May 2020

When DiaryUnlimited.com re-opens to the public here's what you can expect:

Registered "Guest" Users
  • Browse a limited selection of diary entries,
  • Get restricted access to the DiaryUnlimited.com forums,
  • Daily imagery/quotes/samples from our vast and growing archives,
  • Receive any of our newsletter(s), optional of course.

Subscribed Members
  • Access to all DiaryUnlimited.com entries since 1st Jan Y2K (as of today total number of entries is currently 7450),
  • View diary filtered into lists of 100 films, music, events, sex and more,
  • Interactive books with audio, music, video clips and games,
  • Access to interact in all the DiaryUnlimited.com forums,
  • Hundreds of vibrant, slightly far-out channels,
  • An evolving collection of artwork, photography and interactive elements,
  • All available to view, hire or buy in various digital formats, printed on t-shirts, on postcards and long list of other media,
  • PLUS: Access to the EdgeImageBank.com galleries.

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